February 7, 2012

SLEEPTRACKER® Announces New SLEEPTRACKER Analytics™ With Comprehensive Sleep Score

Sleep-monitoring watch introduces new online analytics program with the ability to track sleep patterns over time

(ATLANTA – Feb 7, 2012) - Innovative Sleep Solutions’ number one selling sleep monitor and alarm wake-up device, SLEEPTRACKER®, announces SLEEPTRACKER Analytics™, a new, streamlined way for users to track their sleep data over time. Available online at www.my.sleeptracker.com, users can now conveniently see their comprehensive sleep data, provided in an easy-to-read format, including a graph and individual Sleep Score.

Available for PC and Mac, the SLEEPTRACKER Elite’s new software can be downloaded directly from www.my.sleeptracker.com. Once downloaded, users can connect their device each day to have sleep data automatically uploaded to their personal SLEEPTRACKER Analytics account. SLEEPTRACKER Analytics provides each user with a visual overview of their sleep, as well as a Sleep Score for the night, and stores the data to be compared over time. The Sleep Score is analyzed using a variety of factors, including the number of interrupted sleep moments and light sleep stages, with users striving to get a high sleep score on a 1-100 scale.

In addition to the overall Sleep Score, SLEEPTRACKER Analytics tells users the time they went to bed, the time they woke up, the total amount of sleep received and the number of interrupted moments experienced each night. Users can also input a variety of factors that may have affected sleep, like caffeine or a late-night workout, helping users further track progress and compare sleep trends over time. Sleep Scores can also be easily shared via social networking sites like Facebook.

“Our latest software and new SLEEPTRACKER Analytics portal are based on the feedback we received from our passionate users,” says Lee Loree, CEO and creator of SLEEPTRACKER. “In addition to waking people at the optimal moment, we’re also dedicated to offering our customers innovative insight into a better night’s sleep.”

With updated designs now available in black and white, SLEEPTRACKER Elite is the world’s first sleep monitoring watch to track sleep patterns and wake you at the optimal time – during a light stage. By tracking and uploading sleep data, SLEEPTRACKER Elite provides insight into lifestyle factors that may affect sleep, helping users wake more refreshed and alert.

The updated SLEEPTRACKER Elite is now available for $149 at www.sleeptracker.com and the free software can be downloaded from www.my.sleeptracker.com, where SLEEPTRACKER Elite users can also immediately input sleep data.


About Innovative Sleep Solutions

Innovative Sleep Solutions, LLC is based in Atlanta, Georgia and is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of SLEEPTRACKER®. For more information, call 1-800-617-4509 or visit the company’s website at www.sleeptracker.com.