March 8, 2012

Exploring The Mind Of An Inventor


What spurs your creativity? For many inventors, it’s the realization that something could be done quicker or easier that helps them create a product that allows others do something more efficiently. Others may think of their ideas when faced with a seemingly unsolvable problem. Lee Loree, inventor of SleepTracker, recognized a problem that hit close to home, and used his solution to build a business.

A Better Way to Wake Up

Loree thought of his idea when he noticed his wife’s sleeping habits. What he saw was a difference in his slumbering wife’s level of alertness throughout the night. In fact, there was even a change in her level alertness and recollection of being awoken—depending on how soundly she was sleeping. Curious about why this could be the case, Loree began studying sleep cycles. His research led him to develop a product that tracks sleep patterns and ultimately wakes you from a light sleep—the SleepTracker.

From Inventor to Entrepreneur

How does Loree feel about having that one fantastic idea? “Obviously you need to have a good idea, there’s no doubt about that. But I would say that is a relatively small piece of the puzzle,” Loree says.

Like every inventor-entrepreneur endeavor, building SleepTracker into a business took more than just a good idea. It took Lee five years of working with sleep experts and engineers and a sizable investment of his own money to create SleepTracker.

Those observant nights, an extensive amount of research and a lot of hard work brings us to today. Loree’s entrepreneurial idea is now a full-scale business with no sight of slowing down. To date, more than 100,000 units have been sold worldwide. The entrepreneurial success of Loree shows that persistence, hard work, and dedication does work and can help others (even when they’re sleeping).

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