September 13, 2011

SLEEPTRACKER Featured in MacLife

Wake up refreshed…for a change! I am not a morning person. The daily transition from horizontal to vertical is usually accomplished by sheer force of will, and I have grown to despise the obnoxious electronic beep my alarm clock emits when it’s time to wake up. Well, at least that’s how I used to feel.  read more

You Don’t Need Insomnia Cookies for Better Sleep. You Need Sleeptracker

SLEEPTRACKER ELITE £135, from This device, which is worn on your wrist, detects movements while you sleep. It also has an alarm you can set to wake you when the sensor detects increased movements. This indicates light sleep, so waking up is easier. EXPERT VERDICT: ‘Do you really need a machine to tell you if  read more

Sleep Gadget Lets You Upload Sleep Data to Your Windows PC

The Sleeptracker watch is a “sleep phase monitor and vibrating alarm [that] gently wakes you at the most optimal time.” You enter an alarm time, plus how much earlier than that time you’d be willing to wake up. The watch will vibrate and/or beep sometime during that time window when your sleep cycle is in  read more

CNN Money Dives Into the Story of How Sleeptracker Came to Be

Lee Loree’s wife is not the nicest woman when she is roused from a restful sleep, which is why Loree was surprised when she woke up one morning at 2 a.m. and had the most pleasant conversation with him. She can be “an ornery cuss,” he said good-naturedly. The incident, which occurred in 1999 got  read more

Denver Post Suggests You Let Sleeptracker Wake You Up

TheSleeptracker wristwatchhas a vibrating alarm function that, within a preset alarm-time window, wakes you at an optimal stage of your sleep cycle to minimize grogginess. The watch figures this out by monitoring your body’s physical signals via sensors that track the stages of your cycles — from deep sleep to very light, almost-awake stages. An  read more

Does Your Watch Help You Sleep Better?

ilounge checked out the Sleeptracker Elite…read part of what they had to say… it’s a computer-assisted intelligent alarm clock-like solution that analyzes your sleep patterns. If the technology sounds like something out of a dream, don’t fear—we’ve actually been testing one, and it works.