Wake at the optimum time

The #1 selling sleep monitor just got better!

Did you know that the SleepTracker Elite is within 95% accuracy of professional sleep monitors used in sleep clinics?  SleepTracker’s SmartStart Technology continually analyzes your sleep throughout the night to determine the best possible moment to wake you helping you feel refreshed and energetic.

Introducing SleepTracker Analytics

Now you can have access to the most comprehensive sleep software available to consumers. SleepTracker uploads your data directly to your own personal SleepTracker Analytics account. SleepTracker Analytics shows you how you slept, ways to improve your sleep, and gives you an overall sleep score every night. Best of all, SleepTracker Analytics is completely free with your purchase of the SleepTracker product!

SleepTracker vs Other Sleep Monitors

Only SleepTracker’s patented technology can help you WAKE UP AT THE OPTIMAL TIME™.  Unlike other products, SleepTracker doesn’t just wake you up because you simply moved, it analyzes your sleep patterns throughout the entire night to wake you at the best possible moment to help you feel the most refreshed and energetic! To learn how this works click here.